An effective HOA board is crucial. The board is the heart of any HOA. It is responsible for maintaining common areas, managing the budget, and enforcing the community’s rules and regulations. When the board is comprised of highly competent members, the HOA community will thrive.

Clearly, you must choose effective HOA board members to make your community as good as possible. That is where this article can help. Here we will give you tips for choosing effective HOA board members.

Tips for Choosing Effective HOA Board Members

HOA boards are made up of volunteers. But there are likely only so many spots on the board. Thus, you may end up with more candidates than the number of positions available. Use the tips below to determine which of the board candidates is ideal for the position. 

1)Aim for diversity.
While diversity should not be your only consideration, you should still aim for a diverse board. This does not just mean that your board should have multiple different ethnicities. There are lots of types of diversity.

Make sure there is a mix of genders, political leanings, careers, and ages on your board. With more diverse boards, there will be a greater variety of ideas and solutions to problems. Such an eclectic mix will only help your HOA community.

2)Pick positive people dedicated to the community.
All board members must have a positive attitude and be dedicated to their community. A negative person can easily poison the atmosphere on a board. Positive people will be engaged and looking for solutions, not just focusing on the problems.

Additionally, the board members should be civic-minded. They should want to do good work in their community. Being dedicated to the betterment of their community ensures the board members will work hard, even though they participate in the board during their free time.

3)Ensure all board members want to serve.
Sometimes an existing board may fall into the trap of only wanting certain people to join the board. Perhaps the resident is a lawyer or financial advisor, who has skills that could benefit the community.

If the person on the existing board’s radar wants to join, there is no problem. However, if the person is uninterested, do not try and force them. It is better to have people dedicated to the board and community than include a bunch of experts who will not put any extra work in.

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