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IKO Community Management Merges with D.H. Bader Management

IKO Community Management and D.H. Bader Management, leading providers in community association management, announced the merger of their companies. The merger became effective January 1,2023 and will be combining business operations in the coming year. The company will operate as D.H. Bader Management. David Bader, current D.H. Bader Management, Inc. President, will oversee operations for the combined companies. Linda Wildman, Executive Vice President of IKO Community Management, will continue in the role of Executive Vice President of the combined companies.

Welcome to D.H. Bader Management, Inc.

Providing exceptional HOA Management in Suburban Maryland since 1991.

D.H. Bader Management, Inc. provides the most comprehensive, efficient, and effective methods of management for homeowner associations in the suburban Maryland area. Our management team provides the most reliable, knowledgeable, and proactive management services available.

In a highly competitive environment, D.H. Bader Management distinguishes itself by focusing on delivering superior, personal service, and by building quality, long lasting relationships with our communities.

Company Philosophy

We believe the purpose of an association is to protect and enhance the value of the community’s property. We help associations accomplish this by working closely with the Board of Directors to provide and employ those services and actions necessary to maintain and enhance the community.

We accomplish this by:

Management Plan

Tailoring a management plan to meet the unique needs of each community.

Local Regulations

Keeping informed of federal, state, county and city issues which may affect the community.


Responding timely and accurately to concerns and issues of residents and the Board of Directors.


Processing information efficiently and effectively.

Successful Strategies

Providing successful strategies to achieve client objectives.


Maximizing returns and minimizing risks.