Fulton, MD, is ideally located in the state. It is close to US Route 29 and Maryland Route 216 (Scaggsville Rd.). Fulton is only 21 miles from downtown Baltimore and 19 miles from Washington DC. The city’s proximity to large metropolitan centers and highways makes it an ideal commuting town. Plus, Scaggsville Rd. runs directly into North Laurel, MD, and the headquarters of D.H. Bader Management Services, Inc.

If you are on the board of a community association in Fulton, you need to consider D.H. Bader as your community association management company. We are experts in the community association management world. Our long history—we were founded in 1991—and low turn-over rate of our managers ensures a high level of expertise.

As mentioned above, D.H. Bader is a local, Laurel, company. All of us at D.H. Bader live near Laurel and Fulton, MD. We are motivated to providing the best community association management in the area because we live in the area ourselves. With a local company, you will also receive more personalized service. Large, national community association management companies may have a wide variety of services, but they do not know your specific area well. We do.

At D.H. Bader, we have the industry and contractor contacts to make getting jobs done in your community a breeze. Additionally, our managers are also intimately familiar with local laws and regulations. We even provide community contact information and links on our website. If you have a question about community association rules in Fulton, MD, we have the answer.

With D.H. Bader you will never receive a cookie-cutter plan. We tailor the services your community pays for to your unique needs. We are also experts at communicating. In fact, we believe that communication is the most important part of community association management. We communicate with our community clients frequently and proactively address any potential problems or concerns. At D.H. Bader, our goal is to develop a long-lasting relationship with your board and enhance your community’s value. To do that, we use our stellar communication skills.

We provide a number of services to Fulton. These services can be found below. They include actions such as negotiating contract bids and proposals, providing routine inspections, keeping records, and managing funds. Our clients cite our amazing communication and customer services skills as a reason to work with us. Also, they have been impressed with our manager’s knowledge and financial, legal, and practical advice.

If you want to make your Fulton community association stand out, then you need to work with D.H. Bader. Let us help you raise the profile and value of your community while taking care of the mundane day-to-day tasks that come with community association management.

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  • Tailored Management Plan
  • Association Funds Management
  • Bid/Proposal and Contract Administration
  • Covenant Advisory/Processing
  • Covenant Enforcement
  • Communications Contact
  • Status Reporting 

A more detailed breakdown of our services can be found here.