At D.H. Bader, we are honored to serve the city of Laurel, Maryland, and surrounding areas. Laurel has a proud 150-year history. From its beginnings as a commuter town housing people who worked in Washington and Baltimore to its modern residential identity, Laurel is a great place to live and work. The close association of the city with the Department of Defense, including the presence of Fort Meade, the NSA, and the John Hopkins’ Applied Physics Laboratory nearby, means that this area is continuously growing.

D.H. Bader Management Services, Inc. services the entire suburban Maryland area. However, we have a special place in our hearts for Laurel. Our headquarters are in Laurel, and many of our specialists live in the area as well. In addition to being residents ourselves, we are a company that prides itself on building a close relationship with each community. Our love of and appreciation for Laurel and its communities has been proven by our many long-term local clients.

Laurel’s expansion and suburban developments have led to many new residential communities in the area. Most of them were created with an HOA (Homeowners Association) to manage, protect, and enhance the value of their community’s property. However, many HOAs are run by volunteers who may not be able to devote enough time to the HOA’s management and development. HOA management services like D.H. Bader takes the complication and stress out of HOA management. We do the hard work while you make the decisions that allow your community to run smoothly. 

Because we are local to Laurel, the experts at D.H. Bader has a leg-up on our competition. We can provide personal and superior service not found in out-of-town companies that have no ties to the community.

As an example of the way that D.H. Bader’s ties to the Laurel community aid the efficiency of our services, take the issue of HOA regulation compliance. One of the main issues an HOA’s Board of Directors may have is staying up to date with local laws regarding residential communities. This is not a problem for the experts at D.H. Bader. We are intimately connected to the Laurel community and know all the recent municipal laws and regulations off the tops of our heads.

Residents of Laurel want an HOA management company that responds to their needs, and that is our specialty. The experts at D.H. Bader are known for their effective and timely communication. We also provide an exclusive management plan for each of our clients. We understand that your community is unique and so work directly with your Board of Directors to provide a management plan that meets your needs.

There are no cookie-cutter plans when you use D.H. Bader Management Services, Inc. Contact us today to learn more about our HOA management services.  


  • Tailored Management Plan
  • Association Accounting Management
  • Bid/Proposal and Contract Administration
  • Covenant Advisory/Processing
  • Covenant Enforcement
  • Communications Contact
  • Status Reporting 

A more detailed breakdown of the services we provide can be found here.