• Perform the collection and recording functions for Association Annual Assessment dues. Notify residents in writing through the mail, in advance, that annual assessments are payable.
  • Receive, record and deposit (in separate association accounts) the assessment payments submitted by residents.
  • Submit follow-up notification to delinquent Association members, and pursue payment through written correspondence. Continue efforts to collect overdue payments, short of legal action. (Pursuit of legal action to collect dues in arrears shall only be accomplished in compliance with authority of the Association Board of Directors or their duly appointed representatives.)
  • Disburse payment for the debts and expenses of the Association.
  • Maintain an accounting record of the Association Funds on deposit, receipts and disbursements of cash, and status of resident accounts.
  • Provide funds status report monthly or quarterly to the Association Board of Directors.


  • Conduct bid/proposal solicitation and evaluation for lawn maintenance, snow removal, trash removal, window cleaning, parking area cleaning and asphalting, insurance, elevator maintenance, security, and other similar contractor activities. Analyze proposals for technical merit and cost comparison, and verify references.
  • Negotiate terms and conditions of contract. (Contract authorization/sign-off is to be performed by the Association Board of Directors or designated representative.)
  • Administer contract terms and conditions to ensure contractor compliance. Provide quality control. Ensure that completed work conforms to Association standards, and meets contract requirements.
  • Review all standing contracts yearly and at least 60 days prior to expiration.


  • Provide covenant/advisory/compliance guidelines to Association homeowners and condominium owners. Discuss plans and suggest implementation that will meet existing covenants.
  • Supply and process applications in a timely manner. Ensure that applications, drawings, and other documentation are in compliance with architectural guidelines.
  • Notify homeowner of the Board’s final decision or requirement for added information.
  • When projects are approved, coordinate with homeowner to ensure compliance with approved plan/provisions.
  • Maintain historical database of all applications.


  • Conduct routine (two times per month March through October, one time per month November through February) inspections of common elements and common grounds, to include driving/parking surfaces, sidewalks, trees, and shrubbery.
  • Identify homeowner and condominium owner covenant violations or maintenance deficiencies. Notify residents of covenant violations, and advise them of how to correct them.
  • Conduct follow-up inspections to determine compliance. Where covenant violations or maintenance problems still exist, contact the homeowner or condominium owner verbally and in writing to obtain compliance.
  • In the event of continued non-compliance, advise the homeowner, via certified mail, that they are in violation of covenants, the exact nature of the violation, the time period allotted for compliance, and the intent to enforce covenant compliance, if necessary through more severe measures.


Respond immediately to homeowner calls and concerns during normal business hours. Provide an answering service to meet owners and residents’ needs beyond normal business hours.


Provide a monthly or quarterly status report of all of our Association related activities to the Association Board of Directors or designated representative. Also advise the Board of serious covenant violations or major delinquent accounts as these conditions occur.


  • Aid in resolving community association problems and concerns.
    Respond immediately to homeowner telephone calls and correspondence.
  • Attend Board of Directors meetings, special meetings, and annual meetings.
  • Manage Association Funds: collections, allocations, accounting, record keeping, and coordinating the processing of tax forms and annual audits.
  • Administer and advise Board of Directors and homeowners on covenant compliance for issues such as:
    Covenant Enforcement Sign Problems
    Assessment delinquencies
    Parking violations
    Covenant violations or lack of compliance
    Home modifications
  • Evaluate and Negotiate contract bids and proposals, administration, and enforcement for:
    Trash removal
    Lawn maintenance
    Snow removal
    Parking lot cleaning, repair
    Sidewalk repair
    Asphalt repair and resealing
    Window cleaning
    Pool Management and Maintenance
    Elevator maintenance
    And other services as needed
  • Provide routine inspections to ensure quality conditions of common grounds maintenance.
  • Assist in Architectural Control matters such as:
    Processing requests
    Communications with approving authorities
    Maintain database of Architectural Applications and Violation History
  • Coordinate the distribution of covenant/legal documents to homeowners/condominium owners.
  • Keep Association records.
  • Coordinate the writing and distribution of Association Newsletters.
  • Establish and maintain Association Web site.


While we specialize in managing homeowners and condominium associations, we do realize that some Associations may have the need for management consulting on certain management issues. For that reason, we also offer consulting services to advise the Board of Directors on the following topics:

  • Fund Management:
    Discuss how to prepare a budget and manage the Association’s funds.
  • Covenant Administration and Enforcement:
    Discuss how to administer and enforce the Declaration, Covenants, and By-Laws.
  • Bid proposal evaluation and negotiation:
    Discuss how to solicit, evaluate, and negotiate bid proposals.
  • Grounds Management:
    Discuss how to choose a grounds management company, and how to evaluate and negotiate bid proposals.
  • Architectural guidelines:
    Discuss how to write and enforce architectural control guidelines.
  • Legal issues:
    Discuss recent legislation concerning condominium and homeowner associations.
  • Communications:
    Discuss ways of “getting the word out” to owners and residents.

Consulting services will be provided to the Board of Directors on an as-needed basis. Topics to be covered will be determined by the Board.