At D.H. Bader Management Services, we provide the most comprehensive, efficient, and effective homeowners association (HOA) management services in the suburban Maryland area. We take care of the hard work so that you can focus on the smooth running of your community association.

Since most homeowners’ associations are made up of volunteers, the amount of work required to run a community can be very time consuming. Board members may not have enough time to manage their personal lives as well and the needs of their community. That is why HOA management companies like D.H. Bader Management Services are often hired. Our Managers handle all the tasks and responsibilities required of an HOA. These include administrative work, accounting, interfacing with homeowners, vendors, and much more.

We have been distinguishing ourselves in the highly competitive HOA management industry since 1991. That is almost thirty (30) years of knowledge and experience that we bring to our clients. In that time, we have proven ourselves to be a successful HOA management company. The many testimonials on our website and our long-term relationships with clients speak for the desirability of D.H. Bader’s HOA management services.

Being successful at HOA management means being knowledgeable, accurate, prepared, and proactive. We put our customer relationships first and pride ourselves on our transparent, honest interactions with clients. We proactively communicate with the Board of Directors and community members to ensure a well-run and efficient HOA.

HOA management is a competitive environment. You will find a lot of companies claiming to provide great services. But, if you live in suburban Maryland, you need to consider D.H. Bader among all others. We pride ourselves on providing excellent, personalized customer service. Building long-lasting and trusting partnerships with HOAs around suburban Maryland has become a hallmark of D.H.Bader. Plus, we are local to the area. Our professionals live and work in suburban Maryland. We understand and care about our communities, treating them as if it were our own  HOA, and wanting the community to succeed. Among the many HOA management companies in the area, D.H. Bader is head and shoulders above the competition. 

What we will do for you

We believe the purpose of an HOA is to protect and enhance the value of your community’s property. The professionals at D.H. Bader help your HOA accomplish this by working closely with the Board of Directors to provide and employ the services and actions necessary to maintain and enhance the community, and the relationship with the members of the community. 

Some of the actions and services you can expect when you hire D.H. Bader are as follows.


  • Tailor a management plan to meet the unique needs of each community
  • Keep informed of federal, state, county, and city issues which may affect your community
  • Respond timely and accurately to concerns and issues of the Board of Directors and community members
  • Process information efficiently and effectively
  • Provide successful strategies to achieve client objectives
  • Maximize returns and minimize risks

You can find a detailed breakdown of our services here. To learn more about how the professionals at D.H. Bader can help your HOA, contact us today. You can also find more information about our services on our About Us and Resources pages.


What is an HOA?
The acronym HOA stands for homeowner’s association. It is the organizational body that governs a neighborhood. Many homes in the United States are now part of an HOA. So, when a person purchases a house in a community with an HOA, they will automatically become a part of that organization.

HOAs create the rules and regulations that everyone in the community must follow. HOAs often make these rules to stabilize a community’s home values and keep it a nice place to live. The level of HOA involved in a community will vary from neighborhood to neighborhood.

What is an HOA board, and what does it do?
An HOA board is the governing body of the HOA. It is comprised of volunteers from the neighborhood homeowners. HOA boards are typically elected to their positions by the community. HOA boards are made up of officers and members. The most common officer positions for an HOA board include the following.

  • President
  • Vice-president
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

These officers work with the rest of the board members to enforce the rules, mediate disputes, and manage the community’s finances.

How does an HOA enforce its rules?
State and local laws control an HOA’s role in the community and how they can enforce the rules. All states require that an HOA creates governing documents, such as the Articles of Incorporation and CC&Rs (covenants, conditions, and restrictions).

These documents describe the inner workings of the HOA and what it can do. In addition, to discussing the HOA’s responsibilities to the community, the governing documents also describe what homeowners must do to remain in good standing in the community. Most HOA rules do the following.

  • Limit new construction on a homeowner’s property
  • Create upkeep standards
  • Set requirements for outdoor spaces

If a homeowner violates an HOA rule, they usually incur a fine. However, if the homeowner does not pay their fines on time, the HOA board may be able to put a lien on their property.

How do HOA management companies work with the HOA board?
Because volunteers make up the members of an HOA board, these institutions often lack the expertise needed to manage a community properly. For example, the board members may lack the financial knowledge to create a yearly budget or file taxes. In these instances, the board may decide to hire an HOA management company.

HOA management companies work with the board to provide day-to-day management of the neighborhood. They do not supersede the board’s authority. Instead, they fill in gaps and ensure the community continues running smoothly.

What services do HOA management companies provide?
HOA management companies provide a variety of services, including financial and administrative. At D.H. Bader, we offer the following services to our HOA partners.

  • Association funds management
  • Bid/Proposal and contract administration
  • Covenant advisory/processing
  • Covenant enforcement
  • Communications contact
  • Status reporting

We will work with your board to design a custom management plan that provides the exact services your community needs to thrive. Contact D.H. Bader today.