If your community association is considering hiring an HOA management company, you probably have questions. While HOA management is common, it may not be well-known to your Board members. That is why we have answered the top five HOA management questions below.

For those communities in suburban Maryland, DH Bader Management Inc. can also help you answer your questions. Once you are ready to begin contacting HOA management companies, give us a call. We are happy to walk you through our services and answer any final questions about HOA management.

The Top Five HOA Management Questions and Their Answers

First, though, read through the five top questions below to learn more about HOA management. 

1) What is HOA Management?
This is probably your most important question. HOA management is the process by which a third-party company helps a community’s Board run the community. HOA management does not mean that the company makes decisions for the Board. Instead, the HOA management company will provide guidance and help with daily tasks, which frees up the Board to spend their time making important decisions that impact the community.

2) What services are offered by HOA Management?
Most HOA management companies offer a variety of services. These services often fall into distinct categories. Financial, administrative, and communication management are the most common service categories. Financial management services ensure your community stays on strong financial ground. That may involve help with budget planning, creating financial reports, or tax support. Administrative tasks impact the day-to-day running of the community. Vendor management, common area maintenance, and rules enforcement all fall under this category. Finally, most HOA management companies will help with resident and Board communication by providing an internet portal.

At DH Bader, we offer the following services

  • Association funds management
  • Bid/proposal and contract administration
  • Covenant advisory/processing
  • Covenant enforcement
  • Communications contact
  • Status reporting.

You can read about what is covered in each of these services on this page.

3) Who needs HOA Management services?
All communities with an association can benefit from management services. However, HOA management services are typically restricted to HOA’s or homeowner associations. Some community management companies work with other types of communities. These may include townhome associations, condominium associations, or office and retail spaces. Your community type will narrow your choice of community association management. The experts at DH Bader specialize in HOA and condominium association management.

4) Pros of HOA Management.
The pros outweigh the cons when it comes to HOA management. While these services will cost you money, they provide a lot of benefits to your community. The most important pros are listed below.

  • Better communication.
    Communication is the key to the smooth running of any community. Better communication is facilitated by an HOA management company. These companies can help your Board and residents communicate their needs and wants easily and openly. 
  • An unbiased, third-party manager.
    When you work with an HOA manager, you can trust that they are non-biased. The manager will not live in your community, which ensures their decisions and opinions are being made from logic and experience. Their main goal is to see your HOA succeed. 
  • Knowledge and proficiency.
    HOA managers are highly skilled and trained professionals. They do this work for a living. Most managers will bring years or even decades of experience to your community. You should not discount the advantages of this expertise.
  • Does the HOA Management company supersede the Board?
    No, the HOA management company is hired to help and support the Board. But all Board decisions will still be made by the Board members alone.

If you live in the Laurel, MD, area, contact DH Bader today to learn more about our HOA management services.