Summer is a great time in suburban Maryland. The weather is mostly warm and sunny. There are a lot of activities to take part in. Your community association can take part in the fun this summer. You just need to ensure your community is prepared.

Tips To Help Your Community Prepare for Summer

Follow the tips below to prepare your Maryland community for the summertime. They will ensure your residents get the most out of this amazing season.

1) Review community guidelines
Summer is a wonderful time to review your community guidelines. Look through your rules and regulations to determine what will work best  for your community and which you may need to revise.

After you have finished your community guidelines review, you must provide them to your residents. Homeowners should know about any changes and season-specific regulations. You can circulate this information in a newsletter, pamphlet, or online.

2) Prepare for extreme weather events
Extreme weather events can mark summer in Maryland. Ensure your community is prepared in case of severe thunderstorms, heat waves, and hurricanes.

Your residents should understand any safety protocols for severe weather. These could include stocking supplies like flashlights, preparing an emergency kit for severe weather, and providing evacuation instructions. The better prepared your residents are, the greater chance your community will withstand any bad summer storm.

3) Plan community activities
Summer is the perfect time for community activities and events. It is the season to unite your residents. The beautiful summer weather provides many opportunities for varied community activities. The following are the most popular with community associations and HOAs.

  • Barbecues
  • Block parties
  • Pool parties
  • Outdoor concerts
  • Kids activities
  • Community gardening
  • Outdoor movie nights
  • Community clean-up days

Get creative and plan a variety of summer activities for your community. The more diverse the events, the more residents you will attract. The result will be an engaged community with a solid foundation.

4) Send out a summer newsletter
A fantastic way to help your community prepare for summer is to send a newsletter. You will send them to all of your homeowners. It may include a variety of topics, such as the following.

  • Summer cleaning ideas
  • Summer maintenance checklists include clearing storm drains and gutters, landscaping upkeep, etc.
  • Community guidelines reminders
  • Community events and activities calendar
  • Safety tips

You should also post the summer newsletter on your web portal and social media pages. Doing so will ensure your residents have easy access to it, resulting in a community completely prepared for summer.

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