Spring is an exciting time in Laurel, MD. The weather is warming up and the world is waking up after a long winter. Most people enjoy the renewal that comes with springtime. However, for your community to make the most of this season, you should follow the tips described in this article.

Spring Tips for Your Community

The following five tips will help get your community ready for spring. Complete these tasks at the end of winter and early spring, and your community will be able to enjoy the best that spring has to offer.

 1) Inspect, clean, and service the pool.
If your community has a pool, it should be inspected, cleaned, and serviced in the spring. Property managers will ensure pool repair vendors properly inspect the pool for damaged pipes or water lines. The pool should also be professionally cleaned at this time. Professional pool cleaning companies will focus on the pool itself, pressure washing decks and concrete surround, and changing the pool’s filters. If any problems are found with the pool, these will need to be addressed as well.

2) Check your HVAC system.
As the days get warmer throughout the spring and summer, your community’s HVAC system will become even more important. The last thing you want is to contend with a broken air conditioner in July or August. Spring is the time to ensure your HVAC system is working properly. Have the system inspected and repaired when you can turn the heat off but do not need air conditioning yet.

3) Start landscaping projects.
Spring is the perfect time to begin landscaping projects. Your community likely needs landscaping work. Brush and leaves will need to be cleared away. Shrubbery may need trimming and cleaning up. You will want to plant new annual flowers. Take the time to spruce up the common areas of your community by working on the landscaping this spring.

4) Communicate well.
As you plan to work on your community this spring, don’t forget to communicate with your residents. Quick updates via email or newsletters are important to keep your residents in the loop about upcoming repairs and activities. Better communication will lead to a more content community and reduce inconveniences caused by your spring repairs and cleaning.

5) Plan fun spring activities.
Finally, spring is a fun time. Now is the moment to begin planning activities for your community to enjoy. Use the warmer weather to help your residents reconnect with each other. You can plan outdoor or indoor events that take advantage of the season. This is a great way to increase community morale and participation.

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