Community management companies can make your life as an HOA board member much easier. These companies help the Board perform day-to-day tasks, including administrative and financial. Such help is essential for a well-running HOA. It is unlikely that you will have Board members with all areas of expertise needed to make your community thrive. That is where dedicated community management companies come in.

In the rest of this article, we will tell you exactly why you should consider the help of a community management company.

Five Ways a Community Management Company Makes Your Life Easier

On the fence about hiring a community management company?  Here are five ways they can make your life easier, which may sway your decision.

1) They take care of administrative and maintenance tasks.
A big part of hiring a community management company is delegating administrative and maintenance tasks to them. Whether that is coordinating vendors, creating a website for online communication, or making sure your community is ready for winter, community management companies can do it all.

The best companies will work with your Board to determine the services you need are covered. They will create a unique management plan with your Board to determine the division of labor and ensure everyone knows the tasks they are responsible for.

2) They can help you find the best vendors.
A major positive of working with a good community management company is their local vendor ties. This is where working with a local community management company is preferred. For example, in the Laurel, MD, area you should consider hiring D.H. Bader. We can help you find the best vendors for your community’s needs.

Vendors take care of a lot of the tasks for an HOA, including landscaping, pool upkeep, and general maintenance. Good vendors can make your community sparkle, which is why it is so important to have help finding and hiring the best vendors in your area.

3) They act as an unbiased third party.
For legal and financial matters, it is always best to have an unbiased third party give the Board guidance. Your community manager has no horse in the race, other than to see your community thrive. You will be able to trust their advice, which can lead to your Board making the best decisions for your community.

4) They can provide financial and covenant expertise.
In addition to being an unbiased third party, community management companies can also provide financial and covenant expertise. It is unlikely that you will have both a financial and a covenant expert on your HOA Board. When you hire a good community management company, you don’t need to worry. They will use their knowledge and experience to provide recommendations and help make your community thrive.

5) They have the experience needed to handle any emergency.
Community management companies only work with HOAs like yours. That means they have been around the block when it comes to emergencies. You are unlikely to throw a problem at them that they have not seen. Therefore, a community management company can help you navigate any problems, which will only help your HOA in the long run.

If you are interested in seeing what a good, local community management company can do for you, contact D.H. Bader today and request a proposal.