Top 5 Reasons Why D.H. Bader Management Services Inc. is the Right Choice to Manage Your HOA

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Community Association Management, HOA

Managing an HOA is hard work. In today’s era of multi-tasking and large communities, your HOA board is likely stretched to the limit. Don’t let the work of running an HOA keep your community from excelling. Hire D.H. Bader to be your community association manager.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose D.H. Bader Management Services

If you want the best community association management in Maryland, you need to contact D.H. Bader. Here are five reasons why: 

1. We are locally owned and operated. 

Our founder—David H. Bader, CMCA, AMS, B.A.—began the company in 1991 in Maryland. We are headquartered in Laurel, MD. Most of our employees live in the Laurel, MD, area. These facts alone should prove that D.H. Bader is the community association management company for your HOA. hi

We are locally owned and operated. Our managers live in Laurel communities just like yours. We know what HOAs in Maryland need because we are a part of them in our personal lives. Plus, our community managers are also intimately familiar with the rules and regulations unique to the local area.

2. We work with your HOA board to develop a unique management plan. 

At D.H. Bader, we never provide cookie-cutter plans. Our managers will work with your HOA board to develop a plan unique to your community. We respond to your needs. Don’t want a website? That’s fine. Need help setting up annual meetings? We can help. 

Schedule a meeting with us here at D.H. Bader, and we will work with you to determine the services you need for your HOA to shine.

3. We are known for our customer service. 

Part of managing a successful community association management company is providing excellent customer service. Good management only occurs when the HOA board and community association management company are on the same page. 

Some companies will treat you like an impersonal number. You never have to worry about this with D.H. Bader. We are known for our customer service. That means we respond promptly to all communication. We will also keep you in the loop and discuss all decisions with your HOA board.

4. We offer a variety of HOA management services. 

Just as your community does not need a one-size-fits-all plan, you require a lot of options to choose from. At D.H. Bader we provide those options. There are many services you can expect when you choose D.H. Bader. These include:

  • Association funds management
  • Bid/Proposal and contract administration.
  • Covenant advisory/processing.
  • Covenant enforcement
  • Communications contact 
  • Status reporting

5. Our community managers are experienced and highly trained professionals.

One of our tenets is that community association management is meant to protect and enhance your community and its property. We could not achieve this goal without our expert community managers. All our community managers are trained professionals. 

Not only do the community managers at D.H. Bader have the certifications and training they need to excel, but they are also current members of important organizations. We are all active members of the Community Associations Institute, the Maryland Homeowners Association, and the Better Business Bureau.